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We invite Buddhist students to join the 2023 Rigpa Shedra for a period of in-depth study under the guidance of Khenchen Namdrol Rinpoche. We will be offering two levels of studies, covering both Abhidharma and Madhyamaka philosophy.

In 2023 we will offer the Shedra in a hybrid format – you can join either online from the comfort of your own home OR join the Shedra in person in Pharping, Nepal for the full immersive experience.

The Rigpa Shedra is open to all students, whether interested in following the complete curriculum, or wishing to join for only one year to boost their study and practice.

Next year, students will have the chance to immerse themselves in the study of Mipham Rinpoche’s Khenjuk (Gateway to Knowledge) which is the classic text of the Nyingma school on the Three Pitakas, or the Madhyamakavatara (Introduction to the Middle Way), Chandrakirti’s classic work on Madhyamaka, with a commentary by Ju Mipham Rinpoche. Since we have a shorter shedra-period this year, both texts will be taught over 2 years during the 2-3 shedra-months at the beginning of each year.

You can find more information on the program and how to apply here.